Plain Water Vs. Alcohol

February 11, 2011
Hello.. This is my first blog written in English.. So sorry, if I didn’t use grammar. Hope you all understand. Hehehe..

Wow.. Today is Friday, a good day to relax together with Family and friends. But, I choose to sit quietly in front of my tomo hams, and thinking about the idea to create another blog. And for now, i just enjoying my drink, absolut berri with dad that i bought when i came home from Singapore. Mix with a couple of ice and sprite.. the taste, very nice. 

Absolut its self is vodka. its contain 40% alcohol. So, it can make you drunk when taken excessively. So I mix it.. and for now.. I’m dizzy. LOL~
Back to Topic. Alcohol Vs. Plain water. Actually, it’s just a long long long topic when we’re (Ko Teck Kiang, Sandry, and Me) talk about this. I thought when i still got a relationship with someone. We’ve got 7 years relationship and it’s not easy maintain it. When the time passed by.. my family esp. my beloved brother and sister, didn’t believe, i still with the same guy for four years. I’m born to be faithful. Yes, that’s me. :). Someday my brother ask sandry.. and sandry ask me.. “why i still choose the “Plain water”? They are so much “Alcohol” out there.

*Did you get what i Mean? about Plain Water and Alcohol?* lets we discuss for a minute.
“Plain water” = someone who is your partner now.
“Alcohol” = someone else other than your partner.

Got it? NICE. let we continue..
At that time.. i don’t know how to answers the question. It’s hard to answer. because for me.. the one important things in relationship is loyalty. For my brother and sister *if i not wrong* don’t take serious a relationship. because someday.. we didn’t know what happen in our relationship.

For me the “Plain Water” it more healthy. What ever the reason. When it comes as relationship, or its just as a Drink. “Alcohol” was fun. But only that time. We feel calm, we feel fun, we feel fly… after all, when we are awake.. we never change than before. like relationship.. if get “Alcohol” beside your “Plain water”. You’ve only got the temporary fun.. Yes, you feel happy, you feel different than usual. but the important.. “Is that you need?” “is that you want?” and I dont think so. Your “Plain water” always the best. What ever they are. They always deserved the best for you. Or maybe you might never know that he/she is “alcohol” (at first time) that make you makes fall in love. the different thing is when you are already consume drink alcohol for along time it will be a “Plain water”. don’t take effect.
Even for now.. I don’t have any “Plain water”. but at least.. I’ve become the faithful one. for now and forever.. so the decision is yours.. still want the same Plain water.. maybe its boring, or don’t have taste at all.. but is healthy for you.. or drink Alcohol. Its fun. It’s makes you drunk. forget all the thing, all the problem. But you know.. that no good at all.

Dedicated to my beloved brother who married with his Plain water after 11 years.. and Happily ever after.. 🙂 and having a baby soon. And Dedicated to my beloved sister.. who finally (bener ga?) choose her Plain water.. Hope Him for your best sista.. Love both of you.. 🙂
Now I’m drunk! Drinking 2 glass of absolut.. HELP!! I’m DIZZY!

Thank you for your comments :)

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